About Us

Who We Are

The Bengali Association of South Florida (BASFL) is a non-profit, socio cultural organization that was founded by the Bengali community in South Florida. Their goal is to infuse their rich cultural heritage into the vibrant local community and to showcase the tradition and depth of Indian culture to foster better understanding and appreciation. Our annual events feature top notch vocal, instrumental or performing arts talents from India, that help us fulfill our core mission values.

Participate - We coordinate and participate in diverse cultural programs that are spear-headed by other South Florida's cultural organizations like Association of Indians in America (AIA), Punjabi Association of South Florida, Sindhi Association of Florida, IRCC and other programs organized by Broward County Libraries.

Executive Committee 2018
President: Nilanjan Ghosh
Vice President: Sharmistha Dutta
General Secretary: Suniti Bhattacharya
Treasurer: Bhaskar Choudhuri
Cultural Secretary: Swapna Raichoudhury/Dr. Ashish Basu
Elected Members: Dr.Abhijit Basu, Arnab Mukherjee, Debashish Roy, Dilip Sarkar, Dipankar Satpati, Durga Ganguly, Shantanu Samanta, Sudip Majumder

Organization Profile
Founded: 2007
Our Mission: Foster friendship, ensure active involvement in all local philanthropic activities and to spread socio-cultural ties between Bengalis and the South Florida community.